One -time payment

1€/ 10min
1€ start fee, after that 1€ per starting 10min

1 €



1 day
Drive 1 day with 10€!

10 €


Access rights and charges


Day ticket: 10€

You can use the bike for rent from the moment for 24 hours.


One -time payment: 1€ start fee, after that 1€ per starting 10min

You will have access to the bike after the start-up fee for 10-minute charging periods up to a maximum of 5 hours



In pause mode, the bike is available to you even if you are not driving it. Put your bike on a break, for example, at the time you want to go to a store and you want to continue with the same bike after you come back. OBS! If the bike is paused for more than an hour, it will automatically return for rent to everyone.


Pause pricing: 

 0 min - 15min...... 0 €

15 min – 30 min…. 0.5 €

30 min – 45 min…….. 1 €

45 min – 60 min …… 1.5 €


Payments are made via PayPal.
Other pay methods are not available right now.